21st Eastern Gravity Meeting

at Long Island University-Brooklyn

May 24-25, 2018

Here is the tentative schedule. Student talks are denoted with an asterisk (*). If there are any errors (such as a student talk not flagged appropriately), please let the organizers know.

All talks are scheduled for 12 minutes with 3 minutes for questions.

All talks will be in LLC 116. LLC refers to building 7 on the campus map. Building 12 hangs over a large central walkway that runs through the campus from north to south, and the entrance to the LLC is underneath building 12 on the right. As an urban campus, there are just a few entrance gates. The best gate to use is the one off Flatbush Avenue (not the one at the corner) that enters onto LIU Plaza.

Thursday (5/24)
8:55am Welcome by Dr. Scott Krawczyk, Dean of Conolly College of Liberal Arts
Black Holes
9am Maria Hamilton Marshall U. Hyperbolic Initial Data for Boosted Black Hole
9:15am Elena Giorgi* Columbia U. The stability of black holes
9:30am Matthew Roberson* U. of New Hampshire Universal Horizon Preserving Diffeomorphisms & Black Hole Entropy
9:45am Alejandro Corichi UNAM (Mexico) Isolated Horizons and Gauge Symmetries
10am Jeff Winicour U. Pittsburgh The Affine-Null Formulation of Einstein's Equations: Spherical Critical Collapse
10:15am Michael Ramsey* Long Island U.-Brooklyn Energy Extraction From Black Holes by Cosmic Strings
10:30-11am Coffee/Tea break
Relativistic Astrophysics & High Energy
11am Soumi De* Syracuse U. Constraining the nuclear equation of state with GW170817
11:15am Gabriel Bonilla* Cornell U. Computational Domains for Astrophysical Simulations
11:30am Dong-Hoon Kim Seoul National U. Pulsar astronomy with general relativity
11:45am Alex Buchel Perimeter Inst./UWO Viscoelastic Black Holes in AdS
noon Dan Kabat Lehman College-CUNY Building bulk observables in AdS/CFT
12:15pm Yuri Levin Columbia U./Flatiron Inst. Detecting GW memory using interferometers and Pulsar Timing Arrays
12:30-2:15pm Lunch break (on your own)
2:15pm Ian A. Morrison West Chester U. Consistent coupling to gravity in q-deformed de Sitter
2:30pm Oliver Janssen* New York U. The no-boundary proposal: alive and well
2:45pm Nikodem Poplawski U. of New Haven Big Bounce and Inflation from Spin and Torsion
3:00pm Ahmad Borzou Baylor U. Primordial Neutrinos: Hot in SM-GR-Lambda-CDM, Cold in SM-LGT
3:15pm Tehani Finch James Madison U. Some Unconventional Viewpoints for the Schwarzschild-de Sitter Geometry
3:30-4pm Coffee/Tea break
4pm Scott S. Gordon U. of Central Florida Dark Energy's Role in Gravity
4:15pm Richard Bowen Patiently, LLC The Space Production Model of Dark Energy
4:30-6pm Break
Public Talk
6-7pm Zachariah Etienne West Virginia U. When Neutron Stars Collide! Gravitational Waves, Gamma-Ray Bursts, and the Ring on Your Finger

Friday (5/25)
Quantum & Alternative Gravity
9:15am Laura Johnson* Case Western Reserve U. Partially Massless Decoupling Limit of Massive Gravity
9:30am David Mattingly U. of New Hampshire Revisiting energy extraction from black holes in Horava-Lifshitz gravity
9:45pm Jonathan Cheyne* U. of New Hampshire Constructing Entanglement Wedges for Lifshitz Spacetimes with Lifshitz Gravity
10am Daniel Sudarsky UNAM (Mexico) Dark energy from space-time granularity
10:15am Joshua Cooperman Setting the physical scale of dimensional reduction in causal dynamical triangulations
10:30-11am Coffee/Tea break
Gravitational Waves
11am Andrew Kaiser* West Virginia U. LISA: Design to Reality
11:15am Alexander Grant* Cornell U. Gravitational wave memory observables
11:30am Daniel Finstad* Syracuse U. Measuring the viewing angle of GW170817 with electromagnetic and gravitational waves
11:45am-1:30pm Lunch break (on your own)
Numerical & Mathematical Relativity
1:30pm Roman Kezerashvili CUNY Fundamental Physics in Interstellar Flight
1:45pm Zachariah Etienne West Virginia U. SENR/NRPy+: Numerical Relativity in Singular Curvilinear Coordinate Systems
2pm Ian Ruchlin West Virginia U. SENR/NRPy+: Black Hole Binaries on the Desktop
2:15pm Tyler Knowles* West Virginia U. Optimizing SEOBNRv3 for LIGO Parameter Estimation
2:30pm Cristóbal Armaza* Cornell U. Simulating Relativistic Hydrodynamics using a Discontinuous Galerkin Method in SpECTRE
2:45pm James Mertens York University N-body Methods for Numerical Relativity
3pm Dante Iozzo* Cornell U. Extracting Weyl scalars from numerical simulations with a non-orthonormal tetrad
3:15pm Caroline Mallary* UMass Dartmouth Closed Timelike Curves and "Effective" Superluminal Travel with Naked Line Singularities
3:30-3:55pm Coffee/Tea break
3:55pm Announcement of the best student presentation award (Blue Apple Award)
4:00pm Christopher Duston Merrimack College Metrics on End-Periodic Manifolds
4:15pm Paul F. O'Brien Holographic Equivalence Principle (HEP)
4:30pm Antonio A. Colella IBM An Amplified Standard Model
4:45pm Ajay Sharma Fundamental Physics Society Einstein's September 1905 paper re-visited or extended

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