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  1. Carlos Palenzuela, Steven L. Liebling, B. Minano,
    Large Eddy Simulations of Magnetized Mergers of Neutron Stars with Neutrinos,
    arxiv preprint: gr-qc/2204.02721
    Physical Review D 105, 103020 (2022).

  2. Soham Mukherjee, Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel, Wolfgang Tichy, Steven L. Liebling,
    Conformally curved initial data for charged, spinning black hole binaries on arbitrary orbits,
    arxiv preprint: gr-qc/2202.12133 (2022).

  3. Miguel Bezares, Mateja Boskovic, Steven Liebling, Carlos Palenzuela, Paolo Pani, Enrico Barausse,
    Gravitational waves and kicks from the merger of unequal mass, highly compact boson stars,
    Physical Review D 105, 064067 (2022).
    arxiv preprint: gr-qc/2201.06113.

  4. N. Ortiz, F. Carrasco, S.R. Green, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, J.R.Westernacher-Schneider,
    Gamma-radiation sky maps from compact binaries,
    JCAP 08 2022 027 (2022).
    arxiv preprint: asto-ph/2107.07020

  5. F. Benitez, R. Gambini, S.L. Liebling, J. Pullin,
    Criticality in the collapse of spherically symmetric massless scalar fields in semi-classical loop quantum gravity.
    Physical Review D 104 024008 (2021).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/2106.00674

  6. W. E. East, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela,
    Multimessenger signals from black hole-neutron star mergers without significant tidal disruption,
    Astrophysical Journal Letters 921 L18 (2021).
    arXiv preprint: astro-ph/2101.12214

  7. S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela, L. Lehner,
    Effects of High Density Phase Transitions on Neutron Star Dynamics,
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 38 (2021).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/2010.12567

  8. M. Kavic, S.L. Liebling, M. Lippert, J.H. Simonetti,
    Accessing the axion via compact object binaries,
    JCAP 2020 005-005 (2020).
    arXiv preprint: astro-ph/1910.06977

  9. S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela, L. Lehner,
    Towards fidelity and scalability in non-vacuum mergers.
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 37 135006 (2020).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/2002.07554.

  10. F. Benitez, R. Gambini, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, J. Pullin,
    Critical collapse of a scalar field in semiclassical loop quantum gravity,
    Physical Review Letters 124 071301 (2020).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/2002.04044

  11. S.L. Liebling,
    Maxwell-Dilaton Dynamics,
    Physical Review D 100, 104040 (2019).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1910.12644

  12. K.E.S. Ford, F. Fraschetti, C. Fryer, S.L. Liebling, R. Perna, P. Shawhan, P. Veres, B. Zhang,
    Multi-Messenger Astrophysics Opportunities with Stellar-Mass Binary Black Hole Mergers,
    Science white paper submitted to Astro2020
    arXiv preprint: astro-ph/1903.11116

  13. L. Sagunski, J. Zhang, M.C. Johnson, L. Lehner, M. Sakellariadou, S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela, D. Neilsen,
    Neutron Star Mergers as a Probe of Modifications of General Relativity with Finite-Range Scalar Forces,
    Physical Review D 97 064016 (2018).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1709.06634.

  14. S.L. Liebling, M. Kavic, M. Lippert,
    Probing Near-Horizon Fluctuations with Black Hole Binary Mergers.
    JHEP 176 (2018).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1707.02299.

  15. E.W. Hirschmann, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela,
    Black Hole Dynamics in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton Theory.
    Physical Review D 97, 064032 (2018).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1706.09875.

  16. LIGO Scientific and Virgo and Fermi GBM and INTEGRAL and IceCube and IPN and Insight-Hxmt and ANTARES and Swift and Dark Energy Camera GW-EM and DES and DLT40 and GRAWITA and Fermi-LAT and ATCA and ASKAP and OzGrav and DWF and AST3 and CAASTRO and VINROUGE and MASTER and J-GEM and GROWTH and JAGWAR and CaltechNRAO and TTU-NRAO and NuSTAR and Pan-STARRS and MAXI and TZAC and KU and Nordic Optical Telescope and ePESSTO and GROND and Texas Tech University and TOROS and BOOTES and MWA and CALET and IKI-GW Follow-up and H.E.S.S. and LOFAR and LWA and HAWC and Pierre Auger and ALMA and Pi of Sky and DFN and ATLAS and High Time Resolution Universe Survey and RIMAS and RATIR and SKA South Africa/MeerKAT Collaborations and AstroSat Cadmium Zinc Telluride Imager Team and AGILE Team and 1M2H Team and Las Cumbres Observatory Group and SALT Group and Euro VLBI Team and Chandra Team at McGill University,
    Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger,
    The Astrophysical Journal Letters 848 L12 (2017).
    arXiv preprint: astro-ph/1710.05833.

  17. C. Palenzuela, P. Pani, M. Bezares, V. Cardoso, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Gravitational Wave Signatures of Highly Compact Boson Star Binaries,
    Physical Review D 96 104058 (2017).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1710.09432.

  18. S.L. Liebling, G. Khanna,
    Scalar collapse in AdS with an OpenCL open source code.
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 34 205012 (2017).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1706.07413.

  19. S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela.
    Dynamical Boson Stars.
    Invited review. Five-year update.
    Living Reviews in Relativity 20 No. 1 (2017).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1202.5809.

  20. S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela,
    Electromagnetic Luminosity of the Coalescence of Charged Black Hole Binaries
    Physical Review D 94, 064046 (2016).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1607.02140.

  21. L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela, P. Motl,
    The m=1 instability & gravitational wave signal in binary neutron star mergers,
    Physical Review D 94, 043003 (2016).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1605.02369.

  22. L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling, C. Palenzuela, O.L. Caballero, E. O'Connor, M. Anderson, D. Neilsen,
    Unequal mass binary neutron star mergers and multimessenger signals,
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 33, 184002 (2016).
    Part of focus issue: Rattle and shine: the signals from compact binary mergers.
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1603.00501.

  23. C. Palenzuela, S.L. Liebling,
    Constraining scalar-tensor theories of gravity from the most massive neutron stars,
    Physical Review D 93, 044009 (2016).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1510.03471.

  24. S.R. Green, A. Maillard, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Islands of stability and recurrence times in AdS,
    Physical Review D 92, 084001 (2015).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1507.08261.

  25. A. Buchel, S.R. Green, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Reply to `Comment on two-mode stability islands around AdS,'
    Physical Review Letters 115, 049102 (2015).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1506.07907.

  26. C. Palenzuela, S.L. Liebling, D. Neilsen, L. Lehner, O.L. Caballero, E. O'Connor, M. Anderson,
    Effects of the microphysical Equation of State in the mergers of magnetized Neutron Stars With Neutrino Cooling,
    Physical Review D 92, 044045 (2015).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1505.01607.

  27. A. Buchel, S.R. Green, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Conserved quantities and dual turbulent cascades in Anti-de Sitter spacetime,
    Physical Review D 91, 064026 (2015).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1412.4761.

  28. A. Buchel, S.R. Green, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Universality of non-equilibrium dynamics of CFTs from holography,
    arXiv preprint: hep-th/1410.5381.

  29. M. Ponce, C. Palenzuela, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Interaction of misaligned magnetospheres in the coalescence of binary neutron stars,
    Physical Review D 90, 044007 (2014).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1404.0692.

  30. V. Balasubramanian, A. Buchel, S.R. Green, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling,
    Holographic Thermalization, Stability of AdS, and the FPU Paradox,
    Physical Review Letters 113, 071601 (2014).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1403.6471.

  31. D. Neilsen, S.L. Liebling, M. Anderson, L. Lehner, E. O'Connor, C. Palenzuela,
    Magnetized Neutron Stars With Realistic Equations of State and Neutrino Cooling,
    Physical Review D 89, 104029 (2014).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1403.3680.

  32. C.L. Wainwright, M.C. Johnson, H.V. Peiris, A. Aguirre, L. Lehner, S.L. Liebling.
    Simulating the universe(s): from cosmic bubble collisions to cosmological observables with numerical relativity,
    JCAP 1403, 030 (2014).
    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/1312.1357.

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    Link to PDF.

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    arXiv preprint: gr-qc/9607031.





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