Math 106: Pre-Calculus
Class Log

Class Schedule: M 12:00pm -- 1:00pm; T Th 9:30 am -- 10:55 am
Professor: Steve Liebling         Office:  Technology Center TC-23
Office Hours: T 2:00pm -- 4:00 pm; W & Th 4:00 -- 5:00 pm; And by appointment
Phone: 287-8413             Classroom: E-105
Text: Barnett, Ziegler, and Byleen's Precalculus: A Graphing Approach
Email:         WWW Home Page:

Course Objective: Students will learn the principles of functions, trigonometry and other topics which lead to Calculus. Students will become proficient in the methods used in more advanced quantitative classes such as Physics and Calculus.

Grading Policy:

Quizzes & Calculator Labs 25%
Test 1 25%  
Test 2 25%  
Final Exam 25%
Extra Credit: There is no extra credit.

Homework: Homework assignments will be presented in class and will generally consist of problems from the required text. The homeworks will not be graded. Instead, quizzes will cover the material. Even though the homework will not be graded, the homework problems must be done in order to gain mastery of the material and skills necessary for both the quizzes and tests.

Quizzes: Quizzes will be roughly 30 minutes long, given in class, and will cover the current material. I will drop your two lowest quiz grades to allow for bad weeks and/or absences.

Tests: The class will have two tests as indicated on the syllabus.

Final: The final will be held during the time dictated by the Registrar during Exam Week.

Cheating: You are encouraged to work on homework problems with others. However, you must work alone on quizzes and tests. On both quizzes and exams you may use only a calculator and writing utensils; Calculators cannot be shared during quizzes and tests.

Syllabus: The material to be covered is flexible and subject to change. The test dates are fixed.

Week 1 Feb. 2 Appendix A   Course Overview; Algebra Review
Feb. 3   Algebra Review
Feb. 5   Algebra Review
Week 2 Feb. 9    
Feb. 10 Functions and Graphs   Ch. 1
Feb. 12   Ch. 1
Week 3 Feb. 16    
Feb. 17 Linear and Quadratic Functions   Ch. 2
Feb. 19   Ch. 2
Week 4 Feb. 23   Ch. 2
Feb. 24 Polynomial and Rational Functions   Ch. 3 
Feb. 26   Ch. 3 
Week 5 Mar. 1   Ch. 3
Mar. 2   Review
Mar. 4   TEST 1
Week 6 Mar. 8    
Mar. 9 Inverse Functions; Exp. & Log. Functions   Ch. 4
Mar. 11   Ch. 4
Week 7 Mar. 15   NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mar. 16   NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mar. 18   NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Week 8 Mar. 22   Ch. 4
Mar. 23 Trigonometric Functions   Ch. 5
Mar. 25   Ch. 5
Week 9 March 29   Ch. 5 
March 30   Ch. 5
April 1 Trigonometric Identities and Conditional Equations   Ch. 6
Week 10 April 5   Ch. 6
April 6   NO CLASS (Passover)
April 8   Ch. 6
Week 11 April 12   NO CLASS (Travel Day)
April 13   Review  
April 15   TEST 2
Week 12 April 19    
April 20 Additional Topics in Trigonometry   Ch. 7  
April 22   Ch. 7  
Week 13 April 26   Ch. 7
April 27 Sequences, Series, and Probability Ch. 9
April 29   Ch. 9
Week 14 May 3    
May 4 Introduction to Derivatives (not in text)  (not in text)
May 6   Derivatives
Week 15 May 10    
May 11    
May 13   Review
Week 16 May 17-21   FINAL EXAM

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