AST 302 Projects

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The goal is for you to apply your science experience to public policy by researching and proposing some sort of astronomically-related national initiative. There are actually a wide variety of national efforts that relate to astronomy, including space science (e.g. Mars rovers), exploration (Apollo missions to the moon), measurement (e.g. space weather observations), colonization (space elevators).

The project consists of three steps each with its own due date: Your grade for the project will be based on your creativity, the quality of the research, the thoroughness of the paper, and the appeal of your presentation. The work you turn in must be that of your group only. References used must be adequately cited, and verbatim quotes must be identified as such. The weights of your total project grade are shown above. Those sum to only 90%...the remainder is for participating in the discussion of the projects. I don't want to be the only one asking questions.

Good References

It's hard to write generally about which sources are good ones since these projects can span quite a range. However, here are some general guidelines:
Steve Liebling (home)