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Thursday, April 27:
    · Projects next Tuesday

Thursday, April 20:
    · Lab (substitute): Fate of the Universe tutorial
Ch. 24

Tuesday, April 18:
    · Solar Lab Due
    · Using physics for a cool car crash
    · A letter to the Pope about evolution
    · A pretty critical review of Wilbur's book with a couple links responding to his criticism of evolution (scroll down a bit) [I'm not sure about the source, but I'm with him on the criticism]
Ch. 23

Sunday, April 9:
I just got a book by the Dalai Lama XIV: The Universe in a Single Atom : The Convergence of Science and Spirituality. Good reviews on Amazon, but I'm skeptical.

Saturday, April 8:
What we saw at our observation Saturn and Titan.

Science and Spirituality in a video

Gravitational lensing live video input?

Friday, April 7:
An interesting article concerning the confluence of religion and scientists.
Also, Ken Miller, a Catholic scientist, on evolution on the Colbert Report.

Thursday, April 6:
It looks clear, see you at 8pm.

Thursday, April 6:
Ch. 22 & 23
I posted html and pdf versions of the Solar spreadsheet below (4/4).

Wednesday, April 5:
Announcements: Since it is SNOWING in April, the observation is postponed

Tuesday, April 4:
    · Observations this week (W & Th 8pm) if weather holds up (meet downstairs)
    · Second Part of Projects Due
Ch. 22
Lab 2 Solar Altitude data: Spreadsheet and in html and pdf formats as well

Thursday, March 30:
    · Observation next week
    · Syllabus was messed up but is now fixed
Review Ch. 21

Tuesday, March 27:
    · Return Tests
    · Hubble's Law Lab
Ch. 21

Thursday, March 16:
    · Test (Chs. 17-20) next Thursday
    · HW2: Black Hole tutorial
Ch. 20

Tuesday, March 14:
    · What is the Universe expanding into?
Index of refraction lab
Ch. 19

Thursday, March 9:
    · Test in two weeks
Movie: Einstein's Big Idea
Interesting article on the role of water in extraterrestial life

Tuesday, March 7:
    · H-R tutorial due
    · Extra Credit presentations to be presented April 18.
Ch. 18
Discuss Crab lab and standard deviation

Thursday, March 2:
    · Class cancelled because of snow.
    · Interesting article on scaling in biology from a few years ago
    · How to tell if something is crackpot
    · Some new books added to the extra credit list

Thursday, February 23:
    · Hand back tests
    · Hw1: HR Tutorial (due in a week and a half)
    · Lab due next Tuesday
    · Project Descriptions due Tuesday
    · Extra Credit notices due Tuesday
Ch. 17

Tuesday, February 14:
    · Test Thursday
    · Article about going to the moon

Thursday, February 9:
    · Handout (PDF)
    · Test next week
Ch. S4--Building Blocks
Go over Lab 3--Ohm's Law

Tuesday, February 7:
    · Handout (PDF)
Ch. S3--General Relativity
Lab 3 -- Ohm's Law are due
Lab 4 -- Making an H-R diagram

Thursday, February 2:
    · Handout (PDF)
Ch. S3--General Relativity
Lab 2 -- First measurement
Lab 3 -- Ohm's Law ...went over graphs Lab3.xls

Tuesday, January 31:
    · Handout (PDF)
    · Read S3 for Thursday
Read over aspects of the purported moon hoax
Ch. S2--Special Relativity
Lab 2 -- Postponed due to weather
Lab 3 -- Ohm's Law

Thursday, January 26:
    · Handout (PDF)
Ch. S2--Special Relativity

Tuesday, January 24:
    · Pass out syllabus
    · Read Ch. S2 for Thurs
    · Handout (PDF)
What we did learn
What we will learn
First lab....Lab1.doc or Lab1.pdf

Friday, January 6:
    · Setting up the class web page.
Things won't be finalized for a while yet so check back.
Back up to class webpage.

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