AST 302 Daily Log

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Tuesday, Apr. 26:

Last day of class.
Samantha's project presentation.
Review for final.
Solar Altitude lab due.
Thursday, Apr. 21:

Final Exam essay topics (PDF)
Review sheet (PDF)
Finish Essay 4
Project Presentations
Tuesday, Apr. 19:

Review Cosmology
Essay 4: Life in the Universe
Thursday, Apr. 14:

Due: Project Part II
Due: Hubble's Law activity
Finish Ch. 18.
Tuesday, Apr. 12:
Finish Ch. 17.
Start Ch. 18 slides (PDF).
Thursday, Apr. 7:
Ch. 17 slides (PDF).
Ballooon/Cosmology lab.
Thursday, Mar. 24:
Postpone till next Thursday Ch. 16 slides (PDF). Instead reviewed for Test 2 via review sheet (PDF).
Thursday, Mar. 3:
Finish Relativity and start Ch. 15 slides (PDF).
Thursday, Feb. 17:
Finish Ch. 13 and start Ch. 14 slides (PDF).
Crab Lab.
Thursday, Feb. 10:
Hand back tests. Finish Ch. 12 and start Ch. 13 slides (PDF).
Tuesday, Feb. 1:
Finish Chapter 11 and start Ch. 12 slides (PDF).
Tuesday, Jan. 25:
Chapter 11 slides (PDF). Uncertainty and Error.
Thursday, Jan. 20:
Chapter 10 slides (PDF).
Tuesday, Jan. 18:
Intro; Overview

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